Warren v. Brown: The Difference

Trying to decide which candidate has the right qualifications to become the next senator from Massachusetts? ¬†Today I did some research on each candidates’ respective body of work. Here is what I found:

Elizabeth Warren

(Note: That’s 17 pages you can scroll through.)

Scott Brown

(Yeah, this is probably his highlight.)

Well, you could say it depends on your tastes.

If you prefer an authoritative scholar who has built a 17-page decades-long resume studying, writing, and teaching about ways consumers can save money, protect themselves from bad credit card and bank deals; has earned deep expertise about finance, economics, and policy and resulting professorships at America’s top universities; and has led the call to reform Wall Street while designing and overseeing the establishment of the national Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; then go with Elizabeth Warren.

If you prefer a no-nonsense professional model, an Army reservist who has never been deployed on any actual mission, and a local and state legislator who has a stunningly unremarkable record besides a tax form check-off to help veterans, then Scott Brown is your man.

Citizens of Massachusetts: choose wisely.