I work as a civic technologist and web developer. I am the founder and president of Civera Software, whose flagship product is ElectionStats. Before that I worked as a full-time web developer for the Boston Herald, and I founded ViV Web Solutions and have built countless client web projects.

I believe democracy is the sacred charge of an active citizenry.  I serve on the Board of Directors of MassVOTE and Common Cause Massachusetts in order to ensure our government is always accountable to everyday people.

I’ve also been a musician since I was a teenager. I play flute, percussion, and a little piano. I am experimenting with songwriting.

I was raised Jewish but I choose not to ascribe to traditional faith in an ancient text.  Instead I would probably be considered a Zen Buddhist, or a secular humanist. My life was transformed by Vipassana meditation, as well as many people who mentored me as I grew. One notable mentor has been Nancy Jamison, co-founder and director of Fair Foods.

I hold a BA in History from Boston University.