Understanding Money in Politics

This page will list some compelling media that will help you get a grip on the major political problems facing our nation today.

“How a Bill(ionaire) Becomes a Law(maker),” United Republic. August 2, 2012.
A fast-paced, entertaining overview of the lobbying crisis and what we, the people, are now doing about it.
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“The Lobbyist’s Playbook,” 60 Minutes. November 6, 2011. 
Former superlobbyist Jack Abramoff, newly out of prison, tells all about how back room deals are done on Capitol Hill.
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“Take the Money and Run for Office,” This American Life.  March 30, 2012.
Powerful explanation of how our lawmakers are trapped in a system that requires endless fund-raising, most of which is from special-interest lobbyists.  Contains first-hand accounts of the enormity of the problem from current and former Members of Congress.
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