Disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff tells all

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Today we stand at a level of mistrust in government and a level of corporate-government collusion that is nearly unprecedented in American history. We have developed a well-worn game of outright bribery that even the most brazen of the “bribers” are claiming is immoral… but it is legal.   Thus, it is more important than ever to get involved in the work of building true democracy — one with an active, educated, and vigilant citizenry — and tearing down this absurd charade.

This mess, this mess in our midst — what we see: the partisan mud-slinging, the idiotic talking-heads fixated on gaffes, hairdos, lapel pins; the character smears, the partisan grid-lock, the same old talking points and rhetorical cliches; the dog and pony show…  – then the stuff we don’t see: the free drinks, meals, trips, skybox tickets, and backroom deals; the promises, the back-slaps, handshakes, the intentionally obscure bill language, the $25K campaign checks and the calling in of the favors; the revolving door between Congress and K Street… your tax money, your labors, your sweat, your dreams… deferred, and outright robbed.   Hundreds of our law-makers and billions in our tax money — wrapped up and sold to the highest corporate bidder.

You’ve got to get in the loop, and I’ve got the guy who will take us there.   Never before have we been granted such a trove of insider stories about how so many of our Members of Congress are bought and manipulated for special interest gain. And the goods come straight from the most notorious lobbyist in recent history, Jack Abramoff.

Jack was recently released from a four-year prison term, and he made good use of his time to write a book about his experiences in the dirty business of lobbying. He’s now touring the national media circuit to promote his book. On the one hand, I don’t like the idea of giving money to such a traitor to all of us — the good and hard-working of us who pay our taxes and live right. On the other hand, the stories Jack reveals — and the names he names — should leave us with just the grist and the fury we need to get into that most serious game — the game of wholesale systemic democracy reform.

It will not change, unless you help change it.

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